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Hello and welcome!  I’m Brooke… stay-at-home-mom of five (three beautiful, dramatic girls & two rambunctious, busy little boys), wife to Anthony, and ‘wannabe’ domestic diva, SuperMom, and Superwife.  It’s possible, no?  But I’m not there yet.

We may not ever be able to travel to exotic destinations or even travel this great country of ours.  Limited income means for extremely limited travel.  But I want my kids to have the best childhood possible, even if it means creating memories in our own backyard.  Check out the Kids Korner to see what the kids have been up to.

I’d love to have you join us in our adventures and possible misadventures…. they’re bound to happen.  See what our family is doing in the Real Life section or check out what random thoughts I’ve been having in the Random Babblings section.

Hopefully you are able to draw inspiration from some of the ideas presented here.  It’s gonna be a BLAST!!

This blog is a glimpse into my reality as we try to make memories that will last and I desperately try to get my Domestic Diva on.  She’s in there somewhere.  I just know it!  Check out Brooke Cooks to see what’s been going on in my kitchen or Domestic Me to see what I’ve been attempting in the crafting department.

If you want to learn a little more about me and my quirks, you can find that info on my You Should Know post.

Also check out the Homeschooling section (a work in progress, not yet available) to find out what we’re learning.

This blog is real!  I will share with you what I know and the things I am learning about being a mom, wife and homeschooler.

I’m a busy mom trying to juggle too much at times but loving the lifestyle we’ve chosen.

And if you need to contact me, you can email me at babblinbrooke 22 {at} gmail {dot} com


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  • Rachel

    I just wanted to say that I love your ideas :) I have decided to tackle trying to make almost everything from scratch so that my kids can say that they know how to, we made butter tonight :) . I was reading your blog on tea party and I saw that you mentioned you used to live in SC and was wondering where, we are in the upstate right now but I am from Columbia and we have lived at the beach as well. I also love your ideas for Pioneer days and think that we will be trying some of those as well.

    • Thanks Rachel! We lived in Dillon. But most of our activities were in Florence and church was in Marion. Dillon just doesn’t have much ;) though I did have a baby there! We visited the Riverbanks Zoo (is that the name?) while we lived there. It was pretty amazing! We also went to Myrtle Beach several times. It was fun but I much preferred the beaches in Charleston! Too bad we only made it there once. :(

      And we never made it to the temple in Columbia (LDS Temple). It was something we sooo planned on doing but never made it.

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