12 Years Old {Please consider donating!}

Miss K is 12 today! This year for her birthday she would like to give instead of receive. We have been blessed by so many ‘angels’ in our lives over the years. K recognizes this and would like to take a turn helping others. From now until Thanksgiving she will be collecting new clothes, new [...]


H’s Birthday Post

It’s been over a month since my little H turned SEVEN years old.  My baby girl… another year older.  Weird! 

I think I say it’s weird every time any of my kids have a birthday.  But Wowsers!  Time sure does fly!  Not really a fan of the flying time thing. 

H celebrated [...]


More Birthday Stuff!

After leaving Temple Square, where we gathered for C’s birthday, we headed to Leatherby’s.  I grew up going to Leatherby’s quite often and to this day it’s my favorite place to go for ice cream…. and cheese fries.  Mmm, I could go for a batch right now!  Definitely not clean but absolutely delicious to be [...]


C’s Birthday Post

And now he’s 4.  Time flies and I’m getting left in the DUST! 

The only thing my little man wanted to do for his birthday was go to Temple Square.  I really don’t know why because I’m pretty sure that he had no clue what it really was.  I think he thought he’d be [...]


Guess who’s 2!! (B’s birthday post)

Someone turned two over the weekend… I can’t believe my baby is two!  He’s been such a blessing to our family.


This kid has shown signs of being a jokester from the time that he started to develop a personality.  It has proven to be true as he’s grown and I love it!  [...]


A’s Birthday Post

Last week A turned eight.  Do you know what that means?  It means that we have a baptism coming up very soon.  Soon, as in, New Year’s Eve soon! 

Yes, we’re slightly crazy but we are trying to accommodate for a certain sister of Anthony’s who will be in town.  Except that she informed [...]


“I needa go potty!”

I really hope we can still be friends after this post. 

I had a nice Christmas-y post planned for today but when my kids give me something blog worthy (in other words, something I want to remember), I’ve just got to go with it.  Christmas tomorrow… I promise!!


Today (Monday) was my mother-in-law’s [...]


Blog Prompt Blog Hop #3 & a 90th Birthday

Thank you to all of you that have participated in the other two blog hops I’ve hosted.  Hopefully we’ll start getting more participants soon.  Don’t be shy, friends! 

Remember, link up to your actual post, not your main URL.  Also, please link to this blog hop so others might join in. 

You can [...]


Cake Pops {Tutorial}

Have you ever made cake pops?  If not, I’m sure you’ve at least seen them around.  I’ve wanted to make them now for a couple of years but never had until K’s birthday party over the weekend.  She really wanted them as her ‘cake’ so I decided it was time I give it a go.



Oh Smurfette,

I’ve missed you so…. Where have you been all these years? 

Tell me it’s not the coolest bag you’ve ever seen.  I dare ya! 

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