GFC and Linky Followers

Have you been hearing the rumors, too?  Is Google Friend Connect really going away? 

First I hear that it’s going away for good… for EVERYONE, then I hear that it’s going away only for non Blogger blogs (which would include me), and now I’m just all kinds of confused and just don’t know what [...]


What do YOU want?

I’ve been giving some serious thought as to what it is that you, my readers, would like from my blog.  I realize that my blog is kind if here, there and everywhere.  I have plenty of random thoughts to go around and my real life is… well, it just happens, like every day… WEIRD.

I’m [...]


Things I’ve Discovered This Summer… Part 1

This summer has truly been a season of discovery for me.  Here is a brief list of some of the things I’ve discovered{in no particular order… except the order I put them in } and summer isn’t even over yet!

***Pinterest – Seriously, the coolest thing ever!  Can you believe I had never even heard [...]


Dear Blog,

I’m very sorry that I do not possess talent enough to make you beautiful.  You have potential, you really do!  Maybe a little make-up?  If only I knew how to apply it to your plain face.  I just don’t. 

But Blog, I promise to hire someone to do your make-up for you once I can [...]

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