New! A blog prompt blog hop…Do you Wanna?

So, I had this brilliant idea!  It happens once in a while.  And sometimes, my brilliant ideas turn out to be – shall we say, not so brilliant? 

But this is NOT one of those brilliant ideas.  At least I hope not.  If you’ll join me, it could be really fun. 

Have you [...]


Friend Makin’ Monday

I recently started following this blog… she’s the sister of one of Anthony’s best friends.  And today {Monday}, she did a fun little thing that I want to try called Friend Makin’ Monday.  You answer the questions on this other blog and then leave your link in the comments.  So, here goes.  Mind you, I [...]


Some favorite blogs… and a HOP!

***Note to RSS subscribers… I’m sorry if you got this twice.  It’s my first link-up and apparently, I stink at it.    So sorry!

I love blogging!  I think it’s the best thing since bubble gum!  Not only do I love writing my own, I also love reading them. 

Since starting this blog, I’ve [...]

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