K’s Birthday/Christmas Project

Maybe you remember that Miss K had decided to give back for her birthday this year.  Well, I say ‘this’ year but technically it was last year.  But it was only this past October so… you feel me, right?  And the giving back part didn’t actually happen until Christmas time. 

She asked her [...]


Merry Christmas! {Oh, and Happy New Year}

**Most of the pics in this post are unedited due to… well, I have a baby.  I think that about sums it up   Oh, and don’t judge the pics too harshly.  I used flash in many of them (big no no, I am well aware) but the lighting in my house SUCKS (excuse the [...]


Christmas List, Revisited

It’s WAY too late for a Christmas post at this point, I know.  But I’m procrastinating holding off on doing my New Year’s Resolution post (one of which is to stop procrastinating ) in order to… perfect the resolutions.  And then I can leave out the ones that I’ve already smudged on.  See how that [...]



It was fabulous, as always! 

Santa made his second appearance for the year to fill stockings and such.  He also left his autograph in the form of a Thank You not for the cookies and Coca-Cola. 

My parents spoiled the kids Christmas Eve night with dresses and suits (which were worn to church [...]


The Stranger

I don’t think it’s a bad thing to get excited about Santa Claus and presents, but I think it’s most important to remember our perfect brother, Jesus Christ, for whom we celebrate the glorious holiday in the first place.

I heard this poem several years ago and it has been my favorite ever since. [...]


St. Nicholas Feast Day

One of the traditions I didn’t mention in this post was St. Nicholas Feast Day.  Probably because it wasn’t a true tradition for us… until now.  I figure it can’t be called ‘tradition’ until it’s been done at least twice. 

My cousins moved a lot when we were kids.  Army brats.  At one point, [...]


In Preparation…

So, a while back we started a ‘weekend project’, do you remember? 

Ok, so it took way longer than just the weekend.  We’re busy.  That’s the only excuse I’ve got. 

But, with Christmas coming (and all the whining that had been going on in the kids’ room recently) we decided to just buck [...]


Christmas Traditions

What would Christmas be without traditions?  We all have them.  I love and cherish ours. 

When Anthony and I got married, I have to admit that he thought some of my family’s traditions were really weird.  He was totally wrong.  Our traditions were really cool, not really weird.  But what did he know back [...]


Our Advent Calendar

Before I get into the calendar, I need to announce the winner of the Hand Vibes giveaway… (It’s still Friday )

The winner is Briana!  Congratulations!  I hope you enjoy them.  (P.S.  I always got Lipsmackers in my stocking, too!)

And now on to the calendar.


This year, we are trying to focus more [...]


An emotional weekend

You’ll remember in my last post I very briefly mentioned that Santa had made an early appearance at our house.  I just never told you the story behind it.  Are you ready?  I don’t know how ready I am to tell it because I am afraid I’ll cry… again. 

But it’s a story that [...]

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