Scripture Power!

K is my HERO!!


When she turned 8 years old, Anthony and I challenged her to read the Book of Mormon.  On December 30, 2011 she finished.  It took her just over two years and I am so darn proud of her!

She’s accomplished something that most kids her [...]



This post has nothing at all to do with Christmas. 

Well, maybe that’s not entirely true because I was actually at a Christmas party… which gave me the idea (you’ll find out in a minute)… which may not have the happiest of results but definitely happier than I had expected… still, I’ve got a [...]


An emotional weekend

You’ll remember in my last post I very briefly mentioned that Santa had made an early appearance at our house.  I just never told you the story behind it.  Are you ready?  I don’t know how ready I am to tell it because I am afraid I’ll cry… again. 

But it’s a story that [...]


It’s Food Day! Let’s celebrate!

Some of you may know that around March of this year, my family and I changed our way of eating pretty drastically.  Anthony and I decided (or came to the conclusion?) that we were no longer spring chickens.  Our metabolisms had slowed down, we weren’t nearly as active as we were in our youth, [...]


My Scriptures

It seems that in my religious culture (LDS) there is an unwritten rule that you receive your very own set of scriptures when you are baptized, usually at the age of eight.  Often it’s the parents of the child that give the scriptures and sometimes it’s the grandparents or someone else that is close to [...]


A Little TMI… Sorry!

Today I can’t find my bra. 

Strike that, I can’t find the right bra. 

I have 3 bras… TOTAL!  Well, 5 if you count my two sports bras.

The three normal bras that I own are three different sizes.  One is a size A, another a size B, and the third is [...]


My Super Awesome Texting Abilities

Sad, but true fact… I, Brooke, owner of this here blog, had never sent a text….. until TODAY!!  

I’ve never had a desire to learn.  But our mobile provider just came out with this new snooty tooty plan (I have no idea what it’s called) and it came out to be less expensive to [...]


Kit Kat Woes

Hi, my name is Brooke and I’m a sugar addict. 

I try to eat healthy, really I do, and I am {mostly} successful!  Do I get any points for that? 

I try to follow the 80/20 rule and trust me, I take FULL advantage of my 20… thank goodness for the 20! 




When tragedy strikes, one tends to put more focus on the important things in life.  We might pay more attention to the little details of our surroundings or hug our family members a little tighter.

Recently, tragedy struck right within my own ward.  A senior couple in my ward had been gone for 7 months on [...]


Friend Makin’ Monday

I recently started following this blog… she’s the sister of one of Anthony’s best friends.  And today {Monday}, she did a fun little thing that I want to try called Friend Makin’ Monday.  You answer the questions on this other blog and then leave your link in the comments.  So, here goes.  Mind you, I [...]

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