Kids Gettin’ Their Craft On: TP Roll Bracelets

You know those hot summer days when the kids are just bored out of their minds and there’s absolutely ‘nothing’ to do? 

Yeah, we have those too.  Never mind the fact that we have toys coming out our ears and books that have yet to be read.  Those things just won’t do on ‘boring’ [...]


Smash Books

The first time I ever heard of Smash Books was on Pinterest.  One of the gals that I follow has a whole board dedicated to them so they kept popping up on my… ‘feed’?  Is that what we call them? 

Anyway, it looked like a whole bunch of miscellaneous papers, thoughts, pics, lists… pretty [...]


MORE Busy Bag Ideas

I really hope you need more busy bag ideas because I’ve rounded up a few more of my kids’ favorites to show you. 

{If you missed the first busy bag post, click here}

And there might be one more post of busy bags coming up… maybe.  Do you need more?  Cause I’ve got ‘em!  [...]


Puff Paint

Today I was SuperMom!  It happens… maybe not often, but it happens.

Want to be SuperMom, too?  {or Aunt, or Grandma… whatever}  Well, here’s how you do it…


It’s a great way to use up all that self-rising flour you’ve been hoarding in the pantry.

Wait… what?  You don’t have [...]


Easy Felt Hair Bows

This is a bow that my daughter learned how to make at an Achievement Days activity for our church.  Since then, she’s been making them for birthday presents for her friends.  They are so easy and fun!

Here’s what you’ll need:  a piece of felt, beads and/or jewels, marker, cup, glue gun, scissors and hair [...]


Hand Knitting






Aren’t they talented?  I’ve never actually done this but I do know that the way they end their finished product is incorrect.  I’ve since looked up the correct way to do it but this works for them. 

You gotta love the end of the 2nd video… “Don’t [...]

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