This year when we asked the kids what they wanted to be for Halloween, C was the only one that said something and stuck to it. 

Santa Claus!!

Of course, we got to choose for B since he’s too young to really understand what it’s all about.  We used an idea we had seen [...]


Homemade Caramel for Caramel Apples

I know, I know… I just barely did a post about how I was going to get all healthy again and stuff.  But seriously, ‘tis the season for caramel apples!  And the kids wanted to make them for Family Home Evening.  I caved.

Usually I do the whole Kraft caramel thing and unwrap every little [...]


Fabulous Taco Soup!

IT’S FALL!!  Or close enough in my book. 

Fall is my very favorite season.  Love Fall!  Any other Fall lovers out there?  It could be Fall all year and I would be happy as a peach.  Does that saying ever make you wonder how happy peaches really are?  I know, totally random.  Anthony would [...]


Let the Madness Begin!

Can you taste it?  Anthony sure can….



I have a love/hate relationship with football and fall in general.  You see, this is the time of year that I usually feel like a single mom.  For the past several years, Anthony has coached little league. 

No, we don’t have a son [...]

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