Sinful Chocolate Chip Oreo Brownies {triple threat!}

This past Saturday, Anthony had the ‘privilege’  (if that’s what you want to call it) of running yet another marathon.  He had been carb loading all week long in preparation and on Friday night, he left to go to Logan.  K was lucky enough to go with him.  Anthony’s sister was running with him so [...]


Friend Makin’ Monday

I recently started following this blog… she’s the sister of one of Anthony’s best friends.  And today {Monday}, she did a fun little thing that I want to try called Friend Makin’ Monday.  You answer the questions on this other blog and then leave your link in the comments.  So, here goes.  Mind you, I [...]


Let the Madness Begin!

Can you taste it?  Anthony sure can….



I have a love/hate relationship with football and fall in general.  You see, this is the time of year that I usually feel like a single mom.  For the past several years, Anthony has coached little league. 

No, we don’t have a son [...]


Future QB?

**Sorry, apparently I thought I could keep the video private but still let YOU see it.  It should be working now.  DUH**

Anthony would say definitely YES! 

I say, “Son, go for something less physical… Golf, maybe.  Or better yet, chess!”

Chess seems safe enough, no? 

But every day… every. stinkin’. day… C [...]

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