Homeschool Through the Summer (Even if you don’t homeschool!)

{{In case you are wondering… YES!  They are all this excited about summer school!  }}

As a kid I remember always looking forward to Summer because it meant no more homework and no more teachers!  It meant playing all day long with friends from sun up to sun down, ice cream trucks and popsicles, [...]


Building A Nest

I don’t do nearly enough homeschooling posts. 

On that note, we tried building a nest this week.  A nest.

For birds.

Not as easy as you might think!  My girls learned quickly that they would not make great birds.  They can’t build a brilliant nest.

{That… and they can’t fly… weird!}

Their science book [...]


BYOU Magazine Review & Subscription Giveaway

I was given the opportunity to review a magazine aimed at young girls… tweens, and share my thoughts.  It was a no brainer for me to accept this opportunity when they told me it was a magazine focused on trying to empower young girls and build their confidence in just being themselves.

Young girls [...]


President Adams’ Alligator–Book Review

Do you know how many animals have lived in the White House? 

When I was asked to review the book President Adams’ Alligator, I had no clue.  Think about it.  Other than the occasional dog and/or cat from our more recent presidents there isn’t much to talk about in the way of White House [...]


Tea Party

This past Thursday my girls were unable to attend their Liberty Girls and YASA meetings thanks to a rarity in our weather here in Utah.  An ICE STORM!! 

Only one other time have I ever seen the likes of such a storm.  We were living in South Carolina where it isn’t so uncommon. 



Kids Gettin’ Their Craft On: TP Roll Bracelets

You know those hot summer days when the kids are just bored out of their minds and there’s absolutely ‘nothing’ to do? 

Yeah, we have those too.  Never mind the fact that we have toys coming out our ears and books that have yet to be read.  Those things just won’t do on ‘boring’ [...]


Smash Books

The first time I ever heard of Smash Books was on Pinterest.  One of the gals that I follow has a whole board dedicated to them so they kept popping up on my… ‘feed’?  Is that what we call them? 

Anyway, it looked like a whole bunch of miscellaneous papers, thoughts, pics, lists… pretty [...]


Homemade Moon Sand Recipe

Remember when I talked about all the busy bags I got at the exchange I went to?  (Click here and here)  Well, among all those bags o’ busy-ness there was a bag of sand.  It was supposed to be Moon Sand but given the cost that it would have taken to make 20 plus bags [...]


The Blog in Review – 2011

I started this blog six months ago.  During that time, I have made a few really great blog friends and gained some AWESOME readers!  There are a few of you that even leave comments.  Most of you are too shy but that’s ok.  I love you anyway!    But thanks for leaving comments when you [...]


A’s Birthday Post

Last week A turned eight.  Do you know what that means?  It means that we have a baptism coming up very soon.  Soon, as in, New Year’s Eve soon! 

Yes, we’re slightly crazy but we are trying to accommodate for a certain sister of Anthony’s who will be in town.  Except that she informed [...]

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