Mother’s Day

What a fabulous holiday Mother’s Day is.  I love it! 

Father’s Day isn’t nearly as much fun.

It could be the fact that I love having an excuse to sleep in, have breakfast made for me, receive adorable homemade gifts from my kiddos, and not having to change any poopy diapers (pass if off [...]


Merry Christmas! {Oh, and Happy New Year}

**Most of the pics in this post are unedited due to… well, I have a baby.  I think that about sums it up   Oh, and don’t judge the pics too harshly.  I used flash in many of them (big no no, I am well aware) but the lighting in my house SUCKS (excuse the [...]



This year when we asked the kids what they wanted to be for Halloween, C was the only one that said something and stuck to it. 

Santa Claus!!

Of course, we got to choose for B since he’s too young to really understand what it’s all about.  We used an idea we had seen [...]


Just For Fun… Can’t Believe I’m That Far Behind!!

Umm, yeah… it’s a bad sign when you look back at the pictures on your computer and realize that you forgot not only Father’s Day but your own child’s BIRTHDAY as well.  Not really forgot… just never blogged them.  Let’s not get the two confused.

And those cinnamon rolls I promised… yeah, so, I hope [...]


Resurrection Rolls (an Easter Tradition)

Last year I discovered Resurrection Rolls per the tip from a friend.  We had made Easter Cookies (which are also a great way to teach about the resurrection of Jesus Christ) but had never heard of Resurrection Rolls.  Guess what… they are even better than the cookies!  And quicker, too.

Before making the rolls you [...]


Christmas List, Revisited

It’s WAY too late for a Christmas post at this point, I know.  But I’m procrastinating holding off on doing my New Year’s Resolution post (one of which is to stop procrastinating ) in order to… perfect the resolutions.  And then I can leave out the ones that I’ve already smudged on.  See how that [...]


Our Happy New Year!

I feel like I’m so behind but I have to blog this stuff just for my own remembrance. 

How did we celebrate the New Year?  We stayed home… just us (we’ve NEVER done that for New Year’s).  After all the baptism hoopla was done, K and I ran to Target to exchange some shoes [...]



It was fabulous, as always! 

Santa made his second appearance for the year to fill stockings and such.  He also left his autograph in the form of a Thank You not for the cookies and Coca-Cola. 

My parents spoiled the kids Christmas Eve night with dresses and suits (which were worn to church [...]


The Stranger

I don’t think it’s a bad thing to get excited about Santa Claus and presents, but I think it’s most important to remember our perfect brother, Jesus Christ, for whom we celebrate the glorious holiday in the first place.

I heard this poem several years ago and it has been my favorite ever since. [...]


Christmas Traditions

What would Christmas be without traditions?  We all have them.  I love and cherish ours. 

When Anthony and I got married, I have to admit that he thought some of my family’s traditions were really weird.  He was totally wrong.  Our traditions were really cool, not really weird.  But what did he know back [...]

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