I entered the chapel Saturday night about 20 minutes early to take my place up on the stand in the stake center.  Anthony had come home from high council meeting a couple weeks ago and announced that he had been asked to ask me if I would mind saying the opening prayer at the adult [...]


January’s New Skill–Crochet

2014 is the year of new skills for me.  I set out to make a list of 12 new skills to learn… one each month.  January’s skill was crochet.

… and knitting. 

And then there was math.   

For school. 

Remember, I’m in college. 

And it is hard. 

I am not [...]


New Year, New Goals

Ok, it has been far too long.  Going back to school has kind of thrown me for a loop.  It was rough getting into the swing of things.  Then, when I finally DID get the hang of things I felt like I couldn’t wrap my head around blogging. 

I was way too behind to [...]


A moment

Have you ever had a moment that made you stop and think?  Today I had that moment. 

Miss K and the boys have clogging on Tuesdays.  We gathered up everyone’s shoes, coats, diapers, treats, Kindle… everything we would need for the 3 1/2 hours we would be gone.  Then we loaded everyone up in [...]


College! {Part 2}

{If you missed Part 1 click HERE}

After doing some research for online degrees and coming up empty, I set aside the thoughts for school. 

Then last Spring I got a call from my Relief Society President.  She had just been told about a new program set up by the church and BYU [...]


COLLEGE! {Part 1}

Not in a million years would I have ever guessed I would be going back to school.  After graduating from high school I was DONE!  Sure, I took a couple classes at the local community college… Photography and American Sign Language.  I think I took a College Skills class as well.  Nothing too major.  [...]


The Way He Eats His Grapefruit–A Marriage Tale

So there we were… the new couple… the newlyweds.  Asked to give a talk in church. 

Oh man!  I don’t do talks.  Not good ones, anyway. 

Luckily, my topic was US!  They asked me to introduce us as a couple and just talk about our relationship. 

In preparation for my talk, I [...]


Something New

I have wanted to learn photography for as long as I can remember.  Cameras have always been an important thing throughout my life but it wasn’t until last year that I finally justified getting a DSLR. 

And there is no looking back now! 

I’m already plotting to get another one (a nicer one!)… [...]



For the past few days I’ve had a nagging feeling that I need to write about my experience with postpartum.  I don’t know why.  It’s not something that I ever meant to share with anyone, let alone family and strangers alike.  And yet, here I am.  Maybe there’s someone out there that needs to know [...]


A Catch Up Post

K and A had a dance recital at the end of May.  They both did great! 

And in order to get her hair looking Annie-ish A had to wear her hair like so… (She hated it!)

K in her clogging performance.

And her ballet dance.

K was thrilled [...]

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