Meet Chuck

If I could go stand in the lines in heaven again, the very first line I would stand in would the talents line and I would ask for the ability to sing.  It’s one of the talents that I wish I possessed.  Music is so powerful!  Whenever I hear someone with a beautiful, powerful voice, [...]


Performances and an old friend

All three girls have had their dance performances.  Hooray! 

A performed last night at a local high school.  K performed twice.  Once at The Festival of Trees on the 2nd and again tonight at a nursing home, along with H.  Tight quarters there at the nursing home.  Most of the parents didn’t even get [...]


Halloween Bouquet & Booing Your Neighbors

This is risky!  I’m taking a huge risk by posting this on my blog.  If only I had a little more sense…  It’s one of those lines I should have stood in while in Heaven but apparently I didn’t. 

You see, I Boo’d my friend/neighbor the other day with this fun Halloween Bouquet.



My SuperMom Mom!

This is my mom…

She lives in Santa Barbara.  Yep, the Santa Barbara where the temperature is pretty much perfect all. year. long.  Hmph!  Who needs perfect weather anyway? 

Well, it just so happens that she is in town this week {for the first time since she moved 6 months ago… YAY!} and [...]

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