Nightmare on Dental Street

The bets are brewin’ at the dentist’s office, I know it.  There’s a pot with my name on it!  The pot that all the hygienists, office personnel, and even the dentist herself is throwing money into…

I’ll bet you anything she will be back!

Unfortunately, they’re RIGHT! 

Let’s rewind a bit.  A few weeks [...]


SPD–What fun!!

I try not to complain too much, I really do.  The fact is, I have really great pregnancies… or at least I used to.  Aside from a preeclampsia scare with K, the first three of my pregnancies were amazing!!  No morning sickness, no abnormal pains, nothin’!  So maybe I gained a bit too much weight [...]


A Dental Emergency, a Cape, and a Glove

This past Sunday night, my parents came over to play some games.  Hand and Foot!  Ever played?  It’s a card game.  Similar to Canasta.

Well, when we play games at our house, Anthony and I like to do it a little later so the kids can go to bed and we can play in peace.  [...]


A Little TMI… Sorry!

Today I can’t find my bra. 

Strike that, I can’t find the right bra. 

I have 3 bras… TOTAL!  Well, 5 if you count my two sports bras.

The three normal bras that I own are three different sizes.  One is a size A, another a size B, and the third is [...]


Sinful Chocolate Chip Oreo Brownies {triple threat!}

This past Saturday, Anthony had the ‘privilege’  (if that’s what you want to call it) of running yet another marathon.  He had been carb loading all week long in preparation and on Friday night, he left to go to Logan.  K was lucky enough to go with him.  Anthony’s sister was running with him so [...]



Me + Moving Dressers = Not a great combo!

That dresser and I…. we’re not friends anymore.

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