My Food Plan

This is for my niece, Whitney (and myself because I need a swift kick in the booty), and anyone else who might be interested.

I’ve mentioned before that about a year ago I realized how unhealthy I was.  Mind you, I wasn’t overweight (though heavier than I wanted to be) and most people would [...]


And so it begins… again

So, my cousin was in town for a whole whopping day.  She lives in Nebraska but was in town for her doctor husband (surgeon) to interview the hospital here for the job that they already hired him for.  HE is interviewing them… is that strange to anyone else?  Maybe if my husband were a doctor [...]



This post has nothing at all to do with Christmas. 

Well, maybe that’s not entirely true because I was actually at a Christmas party… which gave me the idea (you’ll find out in a minute)… which may not have the happiest of results but definitely happier than I had expected… still, I’ve got a [...]


It’s Food Day! Let’s celebrate!

Some of you may know that around March of this year, my family and I changed our way of eating pretty drastically.  Anthony and I decided (or came to the conclusion?) that we were no longer spring chickens.  Our metabolisms had slowed down, we weren’t nearly as active as we were in our youth, [...]


No Charge For Awesomeness!

{Sorry Kristin.  Totally stole your title but seriously, what else do you call it?}

Way back in high school, Anthony LOVED to run.  At least that’s what he always claimed.  He said it made him feel free and helped clear his mind.  Did I believe him?  Sure, why not? 

But if I’m being honest, [...]


Things I’ve Discovered This Summer… Part 1

This summer has truly been a season of discovery for me.  Here is a brief list of some of the things I’ve discovered{in no particular order… except the order I put them in } and summer isn’t even over yet!

***Pinterest – Seriously, the coolest thing ever!  Can you believe I had never even heard [...]


I don’t OHM…

Do you ohm?  You know what I’m talking about, right?  The meditation ohm.  Sounds like oooooohhhhhhhhmmmmmm… through as long of a breath as you can stand. 

Those ohms! 

Yeah, I don’t ohm. 

I’m supposed to ohm.  Anthony and I are on our second round of P90X.  One of the workouts is the YogaX… X is [...]

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