Half Marathon

Have I ever told you how much I look up to my kids?  They may be shorter than me for now but WOW! they really amaze me!


Ever since last August when Miss K ran a 10K with Anthony she has been dying to do a half marathon. 

Dying… WHO BEGS TO [...]



Miss K has wanted to make popsicles all summer long.  The other day she got her chance!  She found a recipe on Pinterest that she wanted to try.  It was extremely simple and ever so tasty!  Mmm! 

All you do is mix the following ingredients together, pour into your molds, freeze, and enjoy.  [...]


Our Pathetic Garden

Gardening has never come naturally to me.  Growing up my mom and dad grew tomatoes.  Maybe they grew other things as well… I remember tomatoes.  I was never really part of the process.  Plants grew, it was brought inside (from either the garden or maybe the grocery store?), food was prepared, and I ate it.  [...]


The PERFECT Burger!

I don’t know about your neck of the woods but here in mine… IT HAS BEEN HOT! 

I’ve always said that I much prefer the cold to the heat.  I’m pretty much a bear in reverse.  Hibernation happens during the summer months for me.  Otherwise I turn into the Wicked Witch of the West.  [...]


Homeschool Through the Summer (Even if you don’t homeschool!)

{{In case you are wondering… YES!  They are all this excited about summer school!  }}

As a kid I remember always looking forward to Summer because it meant no more homework and no more teachers!  It meant playing all day long with friends from sun up to sun down, ice cream trucks and popsicles, [...]


Building A Nest

I don’t do nearly enough homeschooling posts. 

On that note, we tried building a nest this week.  A nest.

For birds.

Not as easy as you might think!  My girls learned quickly that they would not make great birds.  They can’t build a brilliant nest.

{That… and they can’t fly… weird!}

Their science book [...]


Sunday Walk

So much to catch up on… Let’s see, Baby B has a tooth as of April 8th (much to the detriment of his nursing mother… he’s a biter!), he also started sitting up all by himself a couple days later, and at his appointment at exactly 5 months old he weighed 18 pounds 11.5 oz.  [...]


Demolition Men

We moved into this house about 7 years ago. 

In the winter.

Little did we know that the backyard was not covered in luscious, green grass come spring and summer.  Oh no, it was covered in lovely weeds. 

Anthony tried his hardest to keep the ‘lawn’ mowed and looking nice.  Well, as nice [...]


Pictures, Marathon, Friends…WOW!

**WARNING:  High volume of pictures… and a video… but first there’s a whole lot of babbling!  Warned again.

It was one of those weekends!  Jam-packed and so much fun… yet so much drama! 

First off, I took the kids to get their pictures taken.  My mother-in-law had given each grandchild $50 for the [...]


Runnin’ Fools!

It’s been said that children tend to follow in the footsteps of the parent with the same gender.  They look up to that parent as the role model and emulate traits that he/she has.  And it comes naturally.  No one has to tell the child which parent they should pattern after. 

I absolutely agree!  [...]

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