Our Advent Calendar

Before I get into the calendar, I need to announce the winner of the Hand Vibes giveaway… (It’s still Friday )

The winner is Briana!  Congratulations!  I hope you enjoy them.  (P.S.  I always got Lipsmackers in my stocking, too!)

And now on to the calendar.


This year, we are trying to focus more [...]


Halloween Bouquet & Booing Your Neighbors

This is risky!  I’m taking a huge risk by posting this on my blog.  If only I had a little more sense…  It’s one of those lines I should have stood in while in Heaven but apparently I didn’t. 

You see, I Boo’d my friend/neighbor the other day with this fun Halloween Bouquet.



YoYo Headbands {Tutorial}

Look what I did!  I can’t tell you how proud of myself I am.  I know it’s super silly but these kinds of things are the things I usually see and tell myself it’s too complicated.  I’ll never be able to figure it out.  All talk, no walk. 

HA!  Look at me now!  Totally [...]


The Art of Taking Awesomely Funny Pictures!

So, I may not be a photographer (although I still say that if I had a fancy shmancy camera I’d be a heck of a lot better…) but I know a good picture when I see one.  I also know a funny picture when I see one.  And what you’re about to see are some [...]


Easy Felt Hair Bows

This is a bow that my daughter learned how to make at an Achievement Days activity for our church.  Since then, she’s been making them for birthday presents for her friends.  They are so easy and fun!

Here’s what you’ll need:  a piece of felt, beads and/or jewels, marker, cup, glue gun, scissors and hair [...]


Homemade Butter

It’s Pioneer Week!  Those of us in Utah know what I’m talking about.  On the 24th of July, many Utahns will celebrate that day that Brigham Young, along with many other Mormon Pioneers, made it the Salt Lake Valley and declared, “This is the place…” in 1847.  It’s a day of fun, history and fireworks!

This [...]


Soda Pop Can Hair Bows – Tutorial

001 coke zero

Did you know that it was even possible to make hair bows out of soda cans?  I had no clue until a friend of mine mentioned on her blog that she was making and selling soda can hair bows.  The idea sounded preposterous at first.  Won’t kids cut themselves on the bows?  I mean, we [...]

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