Voice Lessons–Take Three

After three whole weeks off for various reasons, A and I were finally able to get back to singing.  And let me tell you, A was NOT happy about missing her lesson.  She cried because “I’ve worked so hard on my songs and now I can’t even go!”

It was dramatic!  That girl is nothing [...]


Ready for Hire (Singing Lessons, Take 2)

Alright, it’s official.  Chuck says I’m ready so if you’re in need of a fabulous singer for your upcoming event, I’m available!  Yup, even I was shocked.  I mean, c’mon, two lessons and I am American Idol worthy?  (Too bad I’m too old.)  Surely Chuck must have been mistaken.  Guess I’m a quick learner, eh?  [...]


Meet Chuck

If I could go stand in the lines in heaven again, the very first line I would stand in would the talents line and I would ask for the ability to sing.  It’s one of the talents that I wish I possessed.  Music is so powerful!  Whenever I hear someone with a beautiful, powerful voice, [...]

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