Blog Prompt Blog Hop #3 & a 90th Birthday

Thank you to all of you that have participated in the other two blog hops I’ve hosted.  Hopefully we’ll start getting more participants soon.  Don’t be shy, friends! 

Remember, link up to your actual post, not your main URL.  Also, please link to this blog hop so others might join in. 

You can [...]


My Scriptures

It seems that in my religious culture (LDS) there is an unwritten rule that you receive your very own set of scriptures when you are baptized, usually at the age of eight.  Often it’s the parents of the child that give the scriptures and sometimes it’s the grandparents or someone else that is close to [...]


moments like this…

Being a mom is hard work.  When I first became a mom almost 10 years ago (EEK!… has it really been that long?) I had no idea what I was in for.  I imagined playful days full of laughs, giggles, long walks, sharing, running, skipping, jumping and discovering.  My kids would be perfect and everyone [...]


Things My Kids Will Never Know

Think about all the things you grew up with (or without) that your kids will never have the privilege of knowing.  We can thank technology and just the changing times for that.  This is my list of the top 15 things my kids will never know.

Watermelon seed spitting contests because who buys watermelons with [...]


Celebrity Look Alikes

When I first met Anthony’s mom, she insisted that I looked like Cher.  My father-in-law agreed. 

Hmmm, that was a new one for me.



My cousin has always told me that I resemble Julia Roberts…


Anthony, has been told many, many times that [...]


Naming Children

Remember when you were little, playing with your dolls, and you would think of the best, most beautiful, awesomest {it’s a word now, just ask me}, glorious name you had ever heard in your life to name your dolls?  Or better yet, you even got to be the one with that name.  Playing house was [...]


Where Were You?

September 11, 2001

It’s a date that MOST of us will never forget.  One of those moments you remember forever.  You probably remember exactly where you were and what you were doing when you heard the news. 

I was at home in the basement apartment we lived in at the time, 8 months pregnant [...]


Not as Easy as it Looks…

They say that you once you learn how to ride a bike you never forget how.  That is TRUE!!


However, I’m here to tell you…

If it’s been a while {like maybe, oh I don’t know, 12 years or so} since you’ve been on a bike, it’s NOT as easy as it once [...]


Ice Cream Man

I know my last post had this same picture in it but it reminded me of something and I just have to tell the story.

We’ve lived in this home for about 5 1/2 years now.  That’s not really all that relevant but, stay with me.  K was only 4 at the time and [...]

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